Visible Footprints.

A surplus from the conference has enabled a voluntray kernel of committe members to run a number of follow-up project, and there is some money left also for a couple of years to come 2013-2018.
Below, there is just a list of efforts, and this list is to be decorated with links to other material, most of which already resides on this web site.

  • This Web Site with video recordings and other material
  • A Global Network related to the Web Site
  • Nordic Follow-up October, 2008, Norrköping.
  • Nordic Follow-up November, 2011, Varberg.
  • Region Halland Conference, Varberg October 2013:
    Visible Learning – olika perspektiv på John Hatties forskning och tillämpning
  • Seminars about Thinking and Learning in Norrköping and Linköping.
      - David Perkins: Educating Teachers for the Future April 12th, 2010
      - D Pekins, R Swartz, C Fellicer: Thinking to Learn April 13th, 2010
      - Agneta Westerdahl: Knowledge and Learning (Swedish). May 21st, 2010.
      - Bill Martin: Leadership Masterclass October 20th, 2010
  • Seminars on Visualisation in Norrköping
      - Theme: Learning February 9th, 2009
      - Theme Planning September 15th,  2009
      - Visual Forum May 3rd, 2010 (video recording of talks)
  • School Summit (in Swedish, "Lärstämma"), Norrköping April 7th, 2011
  • Initiation of TEDxNorrköping and supporting the first events
      - Motivation and Creativity. September 22nd, 2011
      - Sense and Sensibiltty, June 13th, 2012
  • Triggered and supported School Development Projects in: Norrköping, Varberg, Falkenberg(?), Kungsbacka, ... 
  • Initial support to the efforts: CDE, OUR, One-to-one and Visible Learning,
  • Inspiration and support for TEDxNorrköping, TEDxNorrköpingED, TEDxNorrköpingLive, TEDxNorrköpingWomen, and TEDxNorrköpingSalon.
  • Involved in the roll-out of Visible Learning plus in Scandinavia.
  • Presentations, posters and booths at a number of conferences and fairs, in particular at The 16th International Conference on Thinking, Wellington, NZ, January 2013-

iCOT-2021 and ICOT 2022

ICOT-2020 has been postponed and the plans are:

ICOT-2021 in Melbourne, Australia, June-July 2021

ICOT-2022 in Johannesburg, South Africa. Summer 2022.

Dates and programs to be announced.

TEDxNorrköping Sponsors: Norrköping City, Linköping Uuniversity

Thanks to support from Linköping University and Norrköping City, will we now be able to plan for two to four full TEDxNorrköping events per year, and also for one TEDxNorrköpingSalon event per month (except for summer and christmas months). These Salon events will normally be located to Thursday evenings.
More at

Swedish experience from Visible Learning plus

Gustav Vasa skola, Stockholm, was among the first in Europe,. Principal Lena Arkéus about their objective and experience. (in Swedish with English subtitles). International experience from Gustav Vasa and 15 other schools in a book (Oct.2015); Swedish translation may come.

Carol Dweck's Mindset

Carol Dweck's Mindset - Man blir vad man tänker
now available in Swedish. Today 215 SEK from The video from her TEDxNorrköping Talk, with subtitles in 36 languages, has gained over 6 million visits on the Internet.