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Monday June 18th
Opening Ceremony. ( V )
Peter Gärdenfors. ( P, B ) How Homo Became Sapiens:
On the Evolution of Thinking.
( V, A )
Art Costa. ( P, B )
Bob Swartz. ( P, B )
Thinking-Based Learning. ( V, A )
Elisabet Nihlfors (P, B) Decentralisation, Control and Administration of the School Sector in Sweden. ( V, A )
Bo Ekman. ( P, B ) Rethinking Thinking. ( V, A )
Britt-Mari Barth. ( P, B ) Knowing – Process or Product? The role of the teacher-mediator inthe construction of meaning. ( V, S, A )
Marlys Witte. ( P, B )
Michael Bernas. ( P, B )
Unanswered Questions and Unquestioned Answers. ( V, A )
Gunilla Dahlberg. ( P, B ) Difference as a potential for learning. ( V, A )
Åsa Falk-Lundqvist. ( P, B ) Forumplay – to challenge traditional teaching. ( V n.a., A, P )
Guy Claxton. ( P, B ) Cultures of Powerful Learning: Infusing Schools with the Spirit of Learning to Learn. ( V, A )
Art Costa. ( P, B ) Five Thoughts for a Thought-filled Curriculum. ( V, A )
Lane Clark, ( P, B ) Where Thinking and Learning Meet! ( V, A )
Bill Martin. ( P, B ) Creating and Sustaining a Culture of Leadership. ( V, S, A )
Evening event trailer: Choir Fever. ( V )
Tuesday June 19th

Rada Millwood. ( P, B )
Helen Thyrvin. ( P, B)

Elisabet Nihlfor. ( P, B )

Laughing together. ( V )

Decentralisation; Control and Administration of the School Sector in Sweeden (V, A)

Martha Nussbaum. ( P, B ) Elephants Looking in a Mirror: Animal Minds and Animal Rights. ( V, A )
Philip Adey. ( P, B ) The Curious Case of Intelligence, and why educators avoid it. ( V, S, A )
Julia Atkin. ( P, B ) Ways of Thinking, Ways of Knowing. ( V, A )
Bodil Jönsson. ( P, B ) FACE it – on lived health, illness or disability. ( V, A )
Urban Johansson. ( P, B ) Principles - a way of thinking. ( S, A )
Hans-Åke Scherp. ( P, B ) School leadership and problem based school development. ( S, A )
David Perkins. ( P, B ) The Thoughtful Will. ( S, A )
Karl-Henrik Robèrt. ( P, B ) Systems Thinking within Strategic Sustainability Constraints. ( V, S, A )
Bob Swartz. ( P, B ) Infusing Critical and Creative Thinking into Content Instruction. ( V, A )
Cristobal Gaggero. ( P, B )
Johanna Nordström. ( P, B )
The fundaments of spontaneous ethical action and reflection. ( V, S, A )
Ilan Chabay. ( P, B ) Curiosity, Complexity, and Science Communication (V, A)
Jonathan Rowson. ( P, B ) What is it like to be a Chess Grandmaster? ( V, S, A )
Per Frankelius. ( P, B ) Time has come for a new innovation perspective. ( V, S, A )
Evening events: E.g. Memory of the Universe. ( V )
Wednesday June 20th
Rada Millwood. ( P, B )
Helen Thyrvin. ( P, B )
Laughing together. ( V )
Jean-Pierre Changeux. ( P, B ) Toward a Neuroscience of the Capable Person: Unity, Diversity and Oneself-as-another. ( V, A )
Lars Lindström. ( P, B ) Understanding the Creative Mind: Portfolio assessment in the Visual Arts. ( V, A )
Cristobal Gaggero. ( P, B )
Johanna Nordström. ( P, B )
Understanding how human action is guided by desires. ( V, A )
David Perkins. ( P, B ) The Five Languages of War. ( V, S, A )
Lars-Owe Dahlgren. ( P, B ) What's the Use of Higher Education? ( V )
S. Särlefalk
N.  Ansgariusson
Acando Interacrive Workshop. ( V )
James Nottingham. ( P, B ) Challenging our Thinking, Challenging our Schools. ( V, , A )
Bill Martin. ( P, B )
James Nottingham. ( P, B )
Leading Change from the Inside. ( V, S, A )
Göran Carstedt. ( P, B ) Co-creating a Desired Future. ( V, A )
Art Costa. ( P, B ) Teaching and Assessing habits of Mind .( V , A )
Martin Ingvar. ( P, B ) Rationalizing Thinking by Means of Memory Consolidation. ( A )
Bob Swartz. ( P, B ) Metaemotional Thinking. ( V, A )
Ference Marton. ( P, B ) Dealing with the Unknown by Means of the Known. ( V, A )
Howard Gardner. ( P, B ) Good Work in Education: When Excellence, Engagement and Ethics Meet. ( V, S, A )
Evening events:
Thursday June 21st:
Rada Millwood. ( P, B )
Helen Thyrvin. ( P, B )
Laughing together. ( V )
David Perkins. ( P, B ) Educating for the Unknown.
Unfortunately, the audio from the phone conversation with de Bone has been lost!
Check also the PostIts supplied and David Perkin's comments! ( V, S, PostIts )
Lars-Owe Dahlgren, moderator.
Panel:Peter Gärdenfors, Britt-Mari Barth, Ference Marton, Jean-Pierre Changeux.( V )
Hans Rosling, ( P, B ) Where Thinking and Learning Meet! ( V, Vx 4)
Closing Ceremony.
Announcement of The 14th Conference, Kuala Lumpur, June 22-26,  2009. ( V )

1 No video due to missing recording of participation from the audience. Paper in Swedish available from Gestaltande metoder i universitetspedagogik, ISBN 91-7264-176-2.
2 Due to misunderstanding, this Featured session was not recorded.
3 Due to copyright constraints. Material in Swedish:
Videon Lund 960206: Medvetandets fysiologi och hjärnans inre kosmologi och boken:
Lagercrantz, Hugo (red.): Hjärnan Och Medvetandet, innehåller en del av det som togs upp.
4 Better recordings from other occasions.

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Swedish experience from Visible Learning plus

Gustav Vasa skola, Stockholm, was among the first in Europe,. Principal Lena Arkéus about their objective and experience. (in Swedish with English subtitles). International experience from Gustav Vasa and 15 other schools in a book (Oct.2015); Swedish translation may come.

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